You’re about to embark on an exciting adventure. Whether you are buying your first home or are a seasoned home shopper, we are excited about working with you and delivering a pleasant and stress-free experience.

We prepare you by providing information, lots of information! We know that reliable information allows you to make informed decisions, and to feel confident about those decisions. As your trusted confidantes and staunchest advocates, we are with you every step of the way.

Download our STEP-BY-STEP Home Buying Guide.

Changing Lives One Homeowner at a Time

We close on a property every two days. That means, every second day we make a big and exciting difference in someone’s life. That’s an awesome feeling, and an awesome responsibility. Congratulations to new homeowners who trusted us with one of the biggest purchases of their lives.

As buyers' agents, we work for you (not the seller)

WE HELP you locate good sources of mortgage loans, then offer information about how to negotiate the terms of your loan and advice about working effectively with your lender.

WE MAP active, under contract, and sold properties that meet your criteria. This information gives you valuable insights into communities where you might buy, including how quickly homes are selling there and the differential between list and sale prices.

WE SCHEDULE showings when it suits you. Days, evenings and weekends, we are available to accompany you to properties you want to see. Before visiting properties, we benchmark like properties, or comparables, so that you have an accurate assessment of fair market value as you are viewing the property.

WE SEARCH continuously and exhaustively to present you with properties we think will interest you, using the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), proprietary resources of Coldwell Banker West Shell and its parent company, and our own vast network of brokers and realtors. In addition to properties on the market, we show you properties that are coming soon, and “pocket listings” (as in “hidden in an agent’s pocket”). These are properties that will never be listed on MLS and are available only through agent networking.

WE HELP you analyze price vs. value, using tangible measures such as resale potential, as well as intangibles, such as the feeling you get when you walk into a home and know it is meant for you.

WE WORK with you to structure an initial offer that is enticing to the seller and beneficial to you, and we communicate your offer to the seller or seller’s agent.

WE REVIEW your contract (which comes from the seller/seller’s agent) to ensure it includes contingencies that protect you, such as your ability to obtain a mortgage, get a clean home inspection, and be guaranteed a walk-through inspection 24 hours before closing.

WE RECOMMEND inspectors and test services (radon, etc.). Then, we help interpret inspection and test results. If results raise red flags, we help renegotiate with the seller.

WE HELP you understand documents such as a title commitment, HUD statement, HOA finances (if applicable) and others. When closing day comes and you sign your name, we ensure you fully understand what you are signing.

WE COORDINATE communication between the lender and title company, so that everything is properly prepared for closing. We track inspection dates, appraisal dates, financing dates and the closing date to keep your transaction moving apace.