Office Manager

PHONE: 513 347-1805


  • Creative / Innovative

  • Analytical / Organized / Efficient

  • Friendly / Helpful

  • Passionate about client service

  • Marketing Expertise

No doubt you have heard people suggest that the world is divided between logical “left-brained” thinkers and “right-brained” creative types. People who ascribe to this division have never met Liz. Detail-oriented, organized and efficient, Liz is also innovative, creative and enterprising. With her remarkable skill sets dedicated to your real estate experience, you are assured of a smooth, uncomplicated and successful transaction.

Liz is passionate about helping people, and about providing order. As office manager, she keeps your transaction on track, and can be counted on to seek out the processes and solutions that work for you.

Before joining the Rakesh Ram Group, Liz worked as an Agent Development Specialist in the Hyde Park office of Coldwell Banker West Shell. Her knowledge of the industry’s systems, procedures and best practices is unsurpassed. With ingenuity and creativity, she tailors client service to meet your individual needs, delivering the personal attention you deserve when buying or selling a home.

Liz brings a wealth of eclectic experience to her position. Her professional background includes real estate, interior design, project management and consulting. A one-time small business owner, Liz also is skilled at effective, attention-getting marketing that showcases sellers’ homes and attracts buyers.